Specialized Yardi products that help you succeed

Our team has the experience to create specialized modules to make sure you are getting the most from your investment in Yardi. For a demonstration of our offerings or questions about any of our products please send an email to


Crisis Management Module

During a crisis (think COVID-19) it’s important that we remain flexible and ready as property owners and managers. Our Crisis Management Module gives you the tools you need to weather a crisis.

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Bank Reconciliation Helper

If your bank can provide a file with all of your daily transactions, this module can automatically clear the checks, deposits, miscellaneous adjustments and help reconcile your cash account.

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If your payroll company can provide a file with the details of your payroll, this module can automatically book the necessary entries in your general ledger without any additional effort.

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Positive Pay

Many banks offer a service that allows you to provide a file to them after every check run. This file tells the bank which checks you have written. If a check is presented for payment that is not on the list or the dollar amount is different, the bank knows that item might be fraudulent.

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Utility Billing

Calculate and bill residents based on RUBS, Number of Units, Square Feet, Number of Bedrooms, TCEQ Occupant Ratio, TCEQ Bedroom Ratio.

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Report Packet Launcher

This plug-in enhancement to the Yardi Report Scheduler functionality enables running and sending a report packet to one or more properties in a distribution member’s property list.

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Commercial Lease Commissions

This extension enables the creation of templates for frequently used leasing commission calculations, brokers and brokerage houses, and commission payables and schedules.

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Residential Lease Commissions

This extension enables the automatic calculation of leasing agents’ commissions. Resulting calculations can be pushed into a payable batch or an extract in a format compatible with your payroll/HRIS system.

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Yardi Administration Toolkit

A set of fantastic time-saving features to enhance your experience with Yardi’s suite of products. Some of the features include: vendor merge function, copy residential agents, residential copy results and reasons, copy residential make ready templates, copy unit addresses, property control report, ability to make vendors inactive based on last activity date, update transaction notes, user lockout feature, update prospect agent, copy side menu and title menu, and many more.

In House Collections Module

Allows your team to manage the different stages of collections, print letters and generate performance reports on outstanding collections from within Yardi Voyager.

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Level One Call Center Integration

Are you using Level One’s call center? Interested in having a 24/7 call center and for the guest card activity to automatically show up in Yardi Voyager Property Management system? This module connects Level One by pushing guest cards from Level One’s call center to your Yardi database.


Hunter Warfield Collections Agency Integration

Tired of having to re-enter all the data in a separate system or fax all the paperwork to Hunter Warfield with every new file? The Hunter Warfield integration automates the data transfer, reduces errors and creates the collections account automatically and timely in Hunter Warfield’s database.

Wells Fargo Payment Manager

The Payment Manager Module creates a file that will be delivered to the bank so that they generate payments via check, EFT or credit card. The module supports check, EFT and credit card payment types for vendors, tenants and owners.

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Bank of America Paymode

The Paymode Module creates a file that will be delivered to the bank so that the bank can print and deliver checks and pay payees via ACH. The module supports check and ACH payment types for vendors, tenants and owners. The Paymode Module also includes the ability to pay via credit card payments (ePayables) for Bank of America accounts.

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Currency Exchange Rate Automator

Currency Exchange Rate Automator is a custom module that downloads exchange rates from the Online Trading and FX for Business website, and automatically maintains the currency exchange rates in Yardi.

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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Gelbgroup’s Business Intelligence Consulting Services will expertly guide you in custom data warehouses, SharePoint management and Yardi’s Orion offering. The Business Intelligence Consulting Service supports your business from start to finish and offers on-going support.

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Yardi Procore Connector

Yardi Connector synchronizes construction management data between Procore® and Yardi. Reduce double-entry by providing an automated one-click sync for new vendors, projects, commitments, and more. Utilize Procore®’s project management tools to efficiently export commitments and change orders to Yardi for accounting purposes.

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Custom Account Tree Builder

Standard account trees are based on the system chart of accounts, which are not editable. What if you could set up custom account trees and automatically add newly created accounts to all custom account trees? Now you can. We’ve designed Custom Account Tree builder, so you can setup custom account trees and let the system manage them according to your configuration.

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Balance Sheet Reconciliation Workbook

The Balance Sheet Reconciliation Workbook creates a fully contained Excel workbook designed to tie out and document all balance sheet accounts with the push of a button.

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J.P. Morgan Payments Integration

The payments integration with J.P. Morgan allows for the transmission of a single file with multiple payment types for increased efficiency. The integration supports payments via ACH, check, credit card, and wire.

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