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Our Team

  • Geoffrey Gelb – President

    Since 1996, Geoffrey Gelb has operated Gelbgroup Consulting Inc., a Property Management Consulting Company specializing in Yardi System’s suite of products. His clients are in the industrial, commercial, office and residential markets with assets between $10 million and $20 billion. They consist of advisors, owners/managers and syndications.

    Geoffrey Gelb – President
  • Brianna Hradnansky – Developer

    Brianna Hradnansky began her property management career in 1999 in the commercial property management field and served in many capacities during her 13 years in the industry. She specializes in Yardi’s residential, single family, and maintenance functionality as well as assisting with integrating third party applications.  She creates custom reports and data solutions for our clients.

    Brianna Hradnansky – Developer
  • Britton Jones – Developer

    Britton Jones brings over 15 years of Yardi experience to Gelbgroup, coming from residential property management and private consulting. Britton specializes in custom development for our Clients.

    Britton Jones – Developer
  • Carrie Finkbiner – Helpdesk

    Carrie Finkbiner joined Gelbgroup Consulting in 2014.  She has 10 years of experience working with Yardi, primarily in Residential Support.

    Carrie Finkbiner – Helpdesk
  • Christine Burd – Implementer and Helpdesk

    Christine has been part of the Yardi ecosystem since 1999. Before joining Gelbgroup, she provided Yardi software support for several property management companies in the public and private sectors. She specializes in the full range of Yardi’s multifamily suite of products and continues to learn something new every day.

    Christine Burd – Implementer and Helpdesk
  • Dana Kirkman – Implementation Specialist

    Dana Kirkman has been working with Gelbgroup Consulting since 2005.  She has 19 years of experience working in and consulting for the real estate industry.  Her focus is working with clients to ensure they are utilizing all Yardi has to offer.

    Dana Kirkman – Implementation Specialist
  • Dave Chapman – Developer

    Dave Chapman joined the Gelbgroup programming team in 2009.  Prior to that, he spent four years providing tier II Yardi support and accounting assistance for a property management company.  With more than a decade of Yardi experience, Dave creates custom reports and data solutions for our clients.

    Dave Chapman – Developer
  • Emanuel deFreitas – Implementer

    Emanuel deFreitas has been in the property management industry since 1986. He joined the Gelbgroup team in 2005, bringing with him many years of experience in the Residential/Affordable industry working with different software companies and at property management companies in IT and as Director of Compliance. The many clients he visits throughout the United States help fuel his passion for travel and exploring new places.

    Emanuel deFreitas – Implementer
  • Ivonne Oehring – Project Manager and Implementer

    Ivonne Oehring has remained focused in the areas of real estate accounting and Yardi administration and project implementation since she started her career in 1999. Ms. Oehring joined Gelbgroup Consulting, Inc. in 2011.

    Ivonne Oehring – Project Manager and Implementer
  • Kasey Brooks – Implementer and Developer

    Kasey Brooks has been working with Yardi products since 2006. She has experience in multi-family, implementations, project management, system administration, customization, and report writing.

    Kasey Brooks – Implementer and Developer
  • Leslie Martin – Director of Programming

    Leslie Martin began her career in the real estate industry in 1991.   She joined Gelbgroup Consulting as a developer in 2003. Leslie works closely with our clients to design custom solutions that will increase efficiency and create a masterful work product.

    Leslie Martin – Director of Programming
  • Nicki Agner – Helpdesk & Special Projects

    Nicki Agner has a long history in residential management. She brings over 20 years of Yardi experience to our helpdesk services and special projects.

    Nicki Agner – Helpdesk & Special Projects
  • Robin Smith – Support

    Robin Smith joined the Gelbgroup team in 2013.  She has been in the property management industry since 1994, with an accounting and training background. Robin has over 20 years of Yardi Residential experience, providing training and support to corporate and site users.

    Robin Smith – Support
  • Salomon Woo – Implementer

    Salomon Woo joined the Gelbgroup team in 2015.  He has worked with commercial, retail,  residential, and single-family property management companies using Yardi products since 2003.

    Salomon Woo – Implementer
  • Shaila Vaidya – Developer

    Shaila Vaidya began her programming career in 2003 and has been working with Yardi Systems since 2008. Shaila enjoys custom development and report design. She focuses on Core Voyager, Residential, Commercial, Senior Housing, PAYscan, Maintenance, Fixed Assets, Construction and Investment Management.

    Shaila Vaidya – Developer
  • Susie Jung – Implementer

    Susie Jung brings over 30 years of experience consulting in the property management industry.   Her  focus is on our Canadian clients and specializes in international, commercial, residential and association.

    Susie Jung – Implementer
  • Taryn Ashlock – Implementer

    Taryn Ashlock has been a specialist in Yardi Senior Living since 2009, assisting clients with implementation, training, support, and custom report development.

    Taryn Ashlock – Implementer


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