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FGA goes beyond a typical Yardi training program, supercharging your expertise and confidence with using the Yardi platform. FGA provides a top-tier learning experience and comprehensive education and exam-based certifications for the real estate industry. Our experienced Yardi subject matter experts have developed robust content to ensure all participants will gain the knowledge needed to support the design, configuration, and implementation of the Yardi environment, creating certified Yardi experts on your team and eliminating the need to outsource complex projects.

The FGA certification programs are synchronous live sessions held in both remote and in-person settings. The cohort-based learning experience allows for greater support, connection, and networking opportunities for all learners.

The curriculum includes certification programs in Systems Administration, Accounting, Residential, Commercial, Development, and Affordable Housing, as well as bundles that combine courses within Residential, Commercial, and Affordable Administration.

Who should enroll?

  • Aspiring administrators with current Yardi user experience, ready to learn how to successfully support, manage, and administer a Voyager environment
  • Experienced Yardi Voyager administrators aspiring to expand their knowledge and skills to further excel in their role
  • Portfolio managers, corporate accountants, industry executives, and IT professionals who are ready to take their current Yardi experience to the next level


FGA Certified Yardi Administrator Bundle

Become a Yardi superhero for your organization with this all-inclusive program. Expand your knowledge of system administration, accounting, and development, and select your additional area of expertise.

Complete all bundled courses by October 31, 2023, and enjoy a reduced rate.

All courses in the Bundle must be completed by the same enrollee to qualify for special pricing.

Residential Bundle

  • Core System Administration
  • Accounting Principles
  • Development Foundations
  • Residential Administration

Commercial Bundle

  • Core System Administration
  • Accounting Principles
  • Development Foundations
  • Commercial Administration

Affordable Bundle

  • Core System Administration
  • Accounting Principles
  • Development Foundations
  • Affordable Administration


Learner Testimonials

“FGA has been a wonderful experience. The curriculum and the instructors really helped me connect all the puzzle pieces I have gathered in my years of experience. Since graduating, I have more knowledge and confidence in the system. Thank you FGA!”

— Jennifer H., Bedrock Detroit


“Being new to Yardi Voyager, I highly recommend the Administration Certification class and services FGA offers. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure you are successful and ready to administer the application with confidence. I look forward to future class offerings from FGA.”

— Tim, Administration Class of 2021


“FGA was a great place to get a holistic understanding of Yardi Voyager. In addition to learning how to do things in Voyager, the instructors offered valuable insights into the various internal stakeholders (such as accounting) that Yardi administrators deal with all the time, and offered best practice solutions for how to get the most out of implementations and optimizations.”

— Lilian G., Indigo Real Estate

2023 Course Calendar

FGA-Certified Programs


Core System Administration

Virtual Classroom
In Person

6 sessions, 3-4 hours daily
3 ½ classroom days, Chicago, IL

Learn the ins and outs of administering Voyager 7s like a pro. Coursework includes expert recommendations for designing your environment security and custom menus, as well as managing user permissions. We’ll also learn ways to customize your Voyager environment, automate and schedule reports, design efficient and effective workflows, and administer Accounts Receivable payment processing. Plus, you’ll learn several data import/export techniques, including ETL, during hands-on classroom activities.

Residential Administration

Virtual Classroom

5 sessions, 4-5 hours daily

Feel right at home utilizing the Yardi residential property management software suite. The FGA Residential Administration course takes learners through the ins and outs of the module, so they feel confident and in control of the opportunities presented by this powerful property management tool. Coursework includes residential property configuration, amenity-based pricing, lease proposals, unit make ready, and 3rd party interface configuration. It also introduces CRM Flex administration and core functionality and teaches SiteManager basics for administering the client-facing Resident Portal.

Virtual Classroom

Accounting Principles

Virtual Classroom
In Person

6 sessions, 3-4 hours daily
3 ½ classroom days, Chicago, IL

Learn to love Yardi accounting with this unique, instructor-led deep dive focusing on core accounting principles, real estate accounting fundamentals, Yardi financial reporting, and advanced Yardi accounting modules. This class is for Yardi Voyager administrators looking to work more closely with their accounting teams
and to speak the accounting language. It is also useful for accountants and accounting managers seeking to maximize efficiencies and best practices within their departments, as well as operational leaders pursuing a better understanding of the power of the Yardi accounting suite and the opportunity to take full advantage of its robust reporting capabilities.

Commercial Administration

Virtual Classroom

5 sessions, 4-5 hours daily

Elevate your expertise and familiarity with Yardi’s commercial property management software suite to take your projects to the next level. Learners will explore the nuances of the Yardi Commercial module to better utilize the breadth of its capabilities. Coursework includes commercial system and property configuration, lease administration best practices, basics of retail setup, understanding recoveries, and using the Advanced Budgeting and Forecasting module, as well as introduces Yardi Elevate and selected offerings including Lease Manager, Retail Manager, and Construction Manager.

Virtual Classroom

Development Foundations

In Person

3 ½ classroom days, Chicago, IL

This class is for anyone who wants to gain the skills to become a Yardi report developer but doesn’t know where to begin. Whether you’ve tried your hand at customizing some of Yardi’s out-of-the-box reports or have never seen a SQL statement before, our Development Foundations course will start you on the path toward becoming a skilled report writer and developer. We explain the foundations of relational databases and introduce you to key SQL commands, all within the context of the Yardi database schema. We’ll also show you how to leverage the array of powerful advanced reporting tools available through the Yardi front-end with the ability to create various sophisticated reports using the tools already available.

In Person

Affordable Administration (NEW for 2023)

Introduced by popular demand, the FGA Affordable Administration course demystifies the complex web of configuration settings within Yardi’s Affordable module. In this hybrid curriculum, we will cover the fundamentals of affordable housing programs in the context of the Yardi environment, including HUD 50059, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), tenant-based subsidies (portable vouchers), HOME Programs, Local Programs, and an introduction to Rural Development (RD). The course includes explanations of why and how the affordable data flows through the Yardi environment, giving you the tools you need to successfully support and troubleshoot the challenges of managing properties with multi-layered subsidies and administer your unique affordable portfolio.

Hybrid curriculum comprises required virtual classroom and in person components

Virtual Classroom Prequel
2 sessions, 4-5 hours daily
In Person
3 1/2 classroom days,
Chicago, IL


“FGA really helped me understand the set-up of Yardi and the “why”, as well as the potential of the application. I got a tremendous amount of value out of every single session, even topics I was already pretty familiar with. The content helped me better understand the underlying data at hand and, maybe more importantly, the meaningful connections to other data. While there is much more to learn, this improved understanding has greatly assisted me in doing my job more effectively and efficiently. I look forward to additional FGA course offerings!”

— Lindsay W., Conifer Realty


“FGA was super valuable to me, especially being new to my role as a Yardi Admin. Coming from site management, and not a technical background, it really helped me do my job better. I also really appreciated the spacing of the classes/webinars, because it worked with my schedule. The in person bootcamp was especially valuable because I was able to make connections with so many people from outside of my organization. We all had so much in common in our day-to-day work life. Yardi can be gigantic and overwhelming when you’re new, but this program will make you feel like a pro in less than a year.”

— Amanda C., Bellwether Housing



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prior experience with Yardi to participate? If I’m new to Yardi, where do I begin? We strongly recommend participants have prior real estate industry experience and at least 1 year of hands-on Yardi experience. Our intermediate and advanced level programs will provide you with the skills and tools you need to support the Yardi environment for your organization.

Yardi offers a wide range of training opportunities for clients. If you are new to Yardi, we encourage you to get started by exploring the many options offered via Client Central. Additionally, we have curated a list of prerequisite Yardi® Aspire courses suitable to prepare you for our intensive FGA coursework. Yardi® Aspire courses are available to all Yardi clients via Yardi® On Demand, or within your organization’s licensed Yardi® Aspire University.

Is this program for Commercial or Residential clients? The Core System Administration, Accounting Principles, and Development Foundations programs teach core skills that apply to all vertical markets. In addition, we offer separate courses for Residential Administration and Commercial Administration, which are dedicated to the unique administrative requirements for each Yardi module.

Students enrolling in the FGA Certified Yardi® Administrator Program Bundle will select a Residential, Commercial, or Affordable specialization.

Can I take this course privately or does my company need to sponsor me? Enrollees must be full-time, permanent employees of an organization with a Yardi Voyager license in good standing.

Will I receive a certification after completing these courses? Yes! You must attend all sessions of the desired course and pass a final exam to earn the corresponding FGA certification. To earn the all-inclusive FGA Certified Yardi Administrator certification, learners are required to
complete all of the courses included in the Administrator Bundle.

How will content be delivered? How large will the classes be? All virtual classroom and in-person courses are instructor led and cohort based for the optimal learning environment. Virtual classroom sessions are taught via Zoom Meetings. Webcams are required and must be enabled during administration of the final exam on the last day of class. The final exam for the in-person course is administered in the classroom on the last day of class. Class size for all programs is limited to 15 students

Will I be required to travel? Travel to Chicago, IL, is required for courses offered in person. Due to the complex learning requirements of the Development Foundations course, it is only being offered in person. Travel is also required for the Affordable Administration course, which consists of both virtual classroom and in person learning.

The in-person sessions will be held at Hyatt House West Loop, a boutique hotel situated in Chicago’s lively West Loop neighborhood. Easily walkable and filled with don’t-miss restaurants, nightlife, and cultural attractions, FGA participants will have the unique opportunity to explore this exciting neighborhood. We will be offering room blocks at Hyatt House for all FGA participants.

What happens if I miss a class? Attendance is mandatory for all in-person events and virtual classroom sessions to earn a certification for the selected program. If you miss a virtual classroom session, we will provide access to the session recording for a limited time. Access to the recorded session will expire before administration of the final exam.

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