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How a Continuous Learning Mindset Paved a Path from Hospitality to PropTech, Real Estate with Yardi 

Camri Johnson is the Yardi Systems Administrator for NorthPoint Development, a Kansas City-based commercial real estate developer and operator established in 2011. We recently sat down with her to hear how she forged a unique path into the proptech and real estate sector. Thanks to savvy decisions at forks in the road and pivots in life, Camri is now a key contributor as an administrator in NorthPoint’s Yardi village.   

Camri’s journey began with a twist. She studied hospitality and tourism management at the University of North Texas. After graduation, she interned with the Facilities Department and soon found herself working under the campus architect, managing office operations for the campus planning department. This role gave her a first-hand look into the world of construction and development, igniting her interest in the industry. 

A Life-Changing Move and Choosing Growth Over Convenience 

Camri’s life took a significant turn when she uprooted her life and moved back to Kansas. When COVID-19 struck, Camri found herself at home, taking care of her children and overseeing remote learning. But after a year, she decided it was time to get back to work. She updated her LinkedIn profile and resume, and within a week, NorthPoint Development reached out to her. It was a pivotal moment as Camri saw NorthPoint aligning with her goals in hotel development. 

“NorthPoint was the best decision. The growth and opportunities that have come from that decision have been monumental.” 

Camri Johnson, Yardi Systems Administrator, NorthPoint Development

Despite having another remote job offer on the table, Camri decided to go with NorthPoint, a move she now considers one of the best decisions of her life. She joined as a project administrator, responsible for contract drafting, vendor liaison, and support for development managers. Her role involved overseeing the renovation of old buildings and new construction. 

Stepping into Yardi and Continuous Learning 

Camri’s journey took an exciting turn when the opportunity to become a Yardi Systems Administrator presented itself. Her familiarity with Yardi from her previous role, coupled with a willingness to embrace a challenging role, led her to say yes. Since taking on this role in the summer of 2022, she has been dedicated to mastering the intricacies of Yardi Voyager. 

“Yardi was initially intimidating, especially Voyager, but the more I learned, the more I realized its potential.” 

Camri’s thirst for knowledge led her to explore resources like Gelbgroup Academy. She completed dual certification in Yardi Core Systems Administration and Yardi Accounting Principles. These courses equipped her with a solid foundation in Yardi and accounting, further enhancing her capabilities in her role. 

NorthPoint Development’s Values and “Beyond the Contract” 

NorthPoint Development’s values deeply resonate with Camri. They go “beyond the contract” by focusing on long-term asset holding, quality, and community building. Camri’s role as a Yardi Systems Administrator aligns perfectly with this philosophy, as she ensures the efficient functioning of systems critical to the company’s success. 

Camri’s future at NorthPoint involves building a Yardi village, a network of champions for different Yardi products within the company. She attended the most recent Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference (YASC), where she was excited to learn about Voyager 8 and to stay updated on industry developments. 

Advice for Aspiring Professionals 

Camri believes that being a good culture fit is essential. She emphasizes the importance of integrity, ethics, and doing the right thing. Networking and seeking guidance from experienced professionals are also key to success. For those interested in breaking into the industry, starting in an entry-level position like regional administrator can provide valuable insights into a company’s operations by giving an opportunity to use Yardi daily. 

A Balanced Life 

Outside of her professional endeavors, Camri cherishes spending time with her three children and enjoys traveling. As a bonus, NorthPoint’s growth has afforded her numerous opportunities to explore different cities which caters to her enduring interest in travel and tourism. Camri Johnson’s journey from hospitality to Yardi Systems Administrator exemplifies the power of adaptability and continuous learning in the dynamic world of proptech and real estate. 

One last thing: Not Shying Away from Controversy 

We asked Camri where she’d direct visitors to NorthPoint’s headquarters. Without hesitation, she named Jack Stack Kansas City barbecue, saying, “They have the best barbecue. I live in Texas, so I’m probably not supposed to say this, but Kansas City definitely has the best barbecue.”